Monday, April 28, 2014

From Twelve 'til One

My favorite time of day the past several months is the hour after lunch. Jack has afternoon kindergarten so after he has left for school we have an hour until quiet time. Schaeffer and Logan have become great playmates during this time. It's just the two of them which doesn't really happen all that often. And every day they spend this hour playing nicely. There is almost no fighting. They fully engage their imaginations. They converse constantly as their play takes them from one universe to another. I love just observing them during this time. They don't really want me and don't really need me. So I take the hour to listen in on their made up stories and get a few things done. This hour every day reminds me of one of the joys of twins. They are brothers, they are best buds, they are playmates and they are galactic heroes together. No one is older, no one thinks he knows better, no one is trying to control things, and no one understands more or less. They are equals and they play as two parts of one unit. Any other hour of my day and things probably look completely different, but for this one hour five days a week they have found a treasure in each other and I have found a treasure in them.

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